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International Authors Reading

Giovanni Agnoloni is a writer, translator and a blogger from Florence. He will be taking the opportunity for a short but creatively productive retreat at Tin Jug Studio in Birr. Mr Agnoloni is the author of a number of novels, published in several languages, in

Chestnut Pub Birr

26th July 2017 at 9:00 pm

what can be termed his dystopian fiction series. His three long essays on Tolkien’s literature and an international collection of Tolkien studies have also been published. A participant in literary residencies and international readings across Europe and the US, he writes in Italian, English and Spanish.
Currently, he is working on a novel partly set in Ireland. His short-story The Return, is set in Dublin and was recently published in the new American literary magazine October Hill. Giovanni Agnoloni will read The Return in Birr in the evening of the 26th July, starting at 9pm

Cost: No cover charge.
Contact: info@tinjugstudio.com

Hill of Uisneach
The lighting of the Uisneach beacon fire was the signal for igniting fires on many hills across the whole island creating a unique ‘fire eye’ with Uisneach being the pupil. This heralded the coming of summer.
Time: 2nd December 2028
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