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Borrowed Memories Exhibition

Athlone Art & Heritage Ltd are pleased to present the inaugural exhibition Borrowed Memories at Athlone's new contemporary visual art space the Luan Gallery. In its previous incarnations the building has been many things to many people and to the town: a library, a concert hall, a cinema, a temperance hall to mention but a few.

Luan Gallery, Athlone

4th February at 11:00 am to 24th February 2013 at 5:00 pm

These memories and associations with the building are as rich and colourful as the inaugural programme. These memories are deeply embedded in the psyche of the town and townspeople of Athlone.

As Ireland enters into a 'decade of commemoration' and debates age about how to memorialise events such as the Dublin Lock-out, the 1916 Rising ans the War of Independence, given the contested nature of their legacy even a hundred years on, an exhibition with the theme "borrowed memories" seems particularly timely. The exhibition acknowledges memory's public character as it is circulated, borrowed and passed-down but also draws attention to memory's dependence on personal acts of recollection, making it affective and individual, but also elusive and frequently unreliable.

The works of this exhibition borrow the memory of others, demonstrating the social aspects of memory, however, rather than a presentation of public memory in terms of collective agreed meaning,these artworks empathise the partial, incoherent and unstable nature of such memories. However unreliable these memories may seem, in their attempts to recover the absent bodies of the past, they represent an intensely personal, but also universal impulse, to cheat death and to alter time, making the past present.
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Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 11-5pm
Sunday: 12 noon-5pm

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