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Gordon Bennet Irish Classic Run

Gordon Bennett is more than just an expression of surprise; he was an American millionaire, the owner of the New York Herald, and a racer of fast cars. He sponsored a race - the Gordon Bennett cup - a precursor to the first Grand Prix at Le Mans.

2nd June to 5th June 2017

The Gordon Bennett Cup was held annually between 1900 and 1905, and in 1903 made its way to Ireland, as racing wasn't then permitted in Great Britain. 

The location for the race was much debated, with Laois (then called Queen's County) a frontrunner alongside Kildare. Kildare won out, but Laois remembers Gordon Bennett and his need for speed with the Gordon Bennett Vintage Rally. In fact, British racing green was co-opted by Britain as a nod to Ireland's shamrock green because of the country's role in bringing racing to the union.

This rally brings together vintage car aficionados for one weekend only, so whether you want to poodle along in your Daimler or buff your Jag for a speedy nip around the midlands countryside, you'll have a wonderful time channeling your inner Dick Dastardly or Penelope Pitstop.  

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