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Stradbally Youth Theatre Presents - DNA A Play By Dennis Kelly

Dunamaise Arts Centre

4th May 2013 at 3:00 pm

Join Stradbally Youth Theatre who will inhabit this stark black comedic world without adults for a short period. In the Dunamaise Arts Centre on May 4th the youth theatre will join forces with the Arthouse Artist-In-Residence, Cóilín Rush to welcome you to the murky realm of herd mentality, a realm where the menace of what is grimly termed “casual violence” is ever present. They examine the question - could it ever be right to do something bad to one person for the sake of a lot of people?

A group of teenagers do something bad, really bad. A “bit of a laugh” at a school friend’s expense rapidly descends into something a lot more sinister. When the inevitable happens, there is blind panic and an elaborate cover-up. Recrimination and finger-pointing among the perpetrators soon surface as the trauma begins to affect each of the characters.

“So we’re all peggin’ them. Laughing. And her face, it’s just making you laugh harder and harder, and they getting nearer and nearer. And one hits her head. And the shock on her face is so…funny. And we’re all just…”
(DNA - Dennis Kelly)

DNA is connected to a particular period of my adolescence when someone new came into my circle of friends at school and we turned from human beings into this pack of animals. There were these concentric rings of popularity. If you were at the centre, that was a good place to be, but you always knew you could be pushed to the outside. When you were on the outside, that was horrible. That's what DNA is about.

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