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The Successful TD - City Theatre Dublin

Written by John B. Keane. Adapted for stage by Jon Kenny, Mary McEvoy and Michael Scott from Keane's novellas "The Successful TD and An Irish Minister of State”. One of your own – a vote for Tull is a vote for yourself!

Birr Theatre & Arts Centre

9th September 2016 at 8:00 pm

THE SUCCESSFUL TD follows the hilarious antics of one TULL McADOO as he seeks re-election to the Dáil in the "October Elections". "There are lots of things I know about people – necessary things – in case I ever need them – its part and parcel of the dirty game we call politics – don’t ever judge a politician outright – if he does something which seems underhand – he’s only doing his best - to survive!"Written in 1967, in "The Successful TD" John B. Keane displays his edge for humour and satire that are uncomfortably close the politics of today...

Cost: €22.50


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