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Launch of World’s Fastest, Smallest and Most Efficient Portable Baby Bottle Steriliser - Steri-Ova Announced for 2013

Published: 4th January 2013

Shasta are dedicated to driving innovation in the development of next generation baby products. Shasta are delighted to announce the launch of the long awaited Steri-Ova - the smallest, fastest and most efficient portable baby bottle steriliser in the world.

Steri-Ova is the product that we’ve been working towards since our foundation in 2006. Using the latest UV-C (ultraviolet -C) technology, it surpasses all other sterilisation methods in the market. The concept for Steri-Ova came when our CEO Ann Marie Durkin, failed to find a sterilisation product or method which provided the speed and convenience required for her busy lifestyle.

“It wasn’t the cost of a product that was the issue, there was simply nothing in the market that was close to making it convenient and easy to sterilise baby bottles” says Ann Marie.

Steri-Ova is the result of over 4 years of research and development, where Ann Marie and the Shasta team worked alongside health professional, microbiologists, midwifes, paediatricians and international industry experts to brin

g a concept that will revolutionise bottle sterilisation as we know it.
At a time of just 30 seconds for complete sterilisation, this product is almost 10 times faster than any other product in the market. Steri- Ova, it’s sterilisation but shorter, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter in life.

True Portability
Our compact design makes it 14 times smaller for the ultimate in portability. You can take Steri-Ova with you anwhere. A product that fits in the palm of your hand, Steri-Ova can be used on the go, or is the ultimate companion for travel holidays.

Highest Sterilisation Level Achievable
With a sterilisation effectiveness of 99.99%, Steri-Ova offers the highest standards of sterilisation in the market. The stylish and compact design offers an impressive 90 second sterilisation time, making the product almost 10 times faster than many mainstream steam sterilisation product in the market.
Shast's main goal for Steri- Ova is to allow carers to “get on with living life and enjoy life’s most precious moments”, says Ann Marie.

High performance, speed, efficiency and the inspiring design of Steri-Ova are the key features that will make Steri-Ova one of 2013’s most sought after baby products. With intelligent technology designed for ultimate ease of use, this compact steriliser enables it to be taken anywhere without the need for forward planning.

Watch Out for Steri Ova on The Late Late Show Tonight
Steri-Ova will be featured on The Late Late Show tonight, 4th January 3013. With a product that offers unrivalled convenience, speed and performance, we’re are confident you will enjoy Steri-Ova when it hits the shelves later this year.

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