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Midlands Pathway to Transition Published by START Team

Published: 20th October 2020

The Transition Pathway has been developed to map a process for transition in the Midlands in the short and longer terms. Given the changing policy landscape, it is anticipated that the plan will evolve over time. The pathway will assist partnership working during the region’s journey towards a just transition.

More specifically, it is intended that the plan will

▶ consensus in the MRTT and with government actors
on key transition priorities and actions;

▶ optimisation of resource allocation and coordination
to enhance a just transition;

▶ co-ordination and transparency across the MRTT
and public actors, and alignment with national,
regional and local plans;

▶ monitoring of progress and the management of risks
over time.

The Pathway was jointly developed by the MRTT and
START (Secretariat Technical Assistance for Regions in

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