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MidlandsIreland.ie Audit of Co-working Facilities in the Region

Published: 14th January 2020

The Midlands Regional Enterprise Plan to 2020 was launched on February 6th 2019. This plan seeks to increase the potential of the Midland Region to grow business, foster resilience, and create new employment opportunities, whilst bringing the unemployment levels to within 1%

of the state average, ensuring that a greater number of people both work and live in the Midlands; and to see an improvement in labour force participation, especially amongst females, towards the national average.

The plan has identified 7 strategic development objectives to enable the region to reach its potential.

This Audit of Co-working Space in the Midland Region is a specific action under Objective 4: Enhance the Collective Offering of the Midlands as a place to live, work and invest in.

This audit will assist in the identification of gaps and to assist in establishing a mechanism for networking these facilities as a collective offering to potential clients looking to relocate outside of the main cities or to offer their existing staff the option of a working in a location closer to where they live, thus providing a better work life balance. According to the 2016 Census almost 24,000 people leave the region every day for work or education reasons.

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