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MREP positions the Midlands to Grow Enterprise and Attract new business to the Midland Region

Published: 13th May 2020

The Midlands Regional Enterprise Plan (MREP) sets out a suite of collaborative actions to grow enterprise and stimulate job creation across the Midland Region.

The Plan identifies seven strategic objectives to realise this ambition, one of which relates to Enhancing the collective offering of the Midlands as a place to live, work and invest in.

It is under this objective that a regional profile and a suite of town profiles have been developed under the management of the office of the MREP, showcasing what each of the principal towns across the Midland Region has to offer a business, whether it be a start-up or an established business, or those considering the development of a second site outside of the congested and expensive coastal cities.

The profiles have been prepared for the Midland Region, and the principal towns of Athlone, Longford, Mullingar, Portlaoise and Tullamore, providing a snapshot of key considerations of when establishing a new base.

The profiles highlight the centrality of the region, ease of access to airports and ports and an ability to serve both national and international markets with ease. Specific data relates to:

• access to the young, dynamic and talented labour force
• the Midlands Network of Co-working Facilities (MNCF), which offer a landing space option and a base for those wishing to work remotely and ‘beat the commute’;
• price comparability in terms of living costs such as renting / buying a home and childcare costs,
• quality of life attractions, there are many ‘down time’ options, whether it be the arts, sports or pursuing the great outdoors

“The profiles showcase existing and emerging clusters of the region, with many businesses servicing global markets from a Midlands base. Take a look and share with a business colleague who may be considering the Midlands as a base now, or may do so in the future, we all have a role to play in promoting the region”, said Sarah Morgan, from the office of the MREP.

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