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Opportunity to Submit Records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre

Published: 10th June 2013

An online submission form was released in June last year and last week a milestone was reached when the number of records submitted exceeded 40,000 records! – this is a really impressive figure.

All records received help to improve our knowledge of Ireland’s biodiversity, a prerequisite for trying to ensure its conservation. Through the work of the Data Centre any records received are also available to feed into research, planning and conservation management, so species observation submitted by you can make a real difference.

The majority of the records received are added to the mapping system Biodiversity Maps http://maps.biodiversityireland.ie on a regular basis. This is particularly the case for mammal, dragonfly, butterfly, bee and invasive species records as these are active recording schemes managed directly by the Data Centre. A large vascular plant dataset is currently being finalised and should be loaded to the mapping system over the summer so all vascular plant records will be available then.

However, for some of the other taxonomic groups it may take some time before records are loaded to the Mapping System as these often depend on external validation by national experts. Nevertheless, all records received are stored securely and will be used by the Data Centre.

The Data Centre is also working on the release of a new version of the on-line records submission form over the summer which will allow recorders to view their own records in map, graph and list formats – making it far easier for recorders to see progress with their recording activities.

So please continue to submit any observation you make to the online submission form http://records.biodiversityireland.ie/index.php as these observations are extremely valuable.

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