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Second Progress Report of Just Transition Commissioner Published

Published: 25th November 2020

The Minister appointed Kieran Mulvey as Just Transition Commissioner in November 2019 to engage with stakeholders in the Midlands region and recommend the essential elements of a just transition. The first progress report from the Just Transition Commissioner was published on the 22 May 2020 and the government published their initial response the same day.

This second progress report was published on the 25 November 2020, providing a further update on progress on just transition in the Midlands.

These reports can be viewed below:


application/pdf2nd PROGRESS REPORT_JUST TRANSITION COMMISSIONER_25.11.20 .pdf (1.12 MB)
application/pdf1st Progress Report_JTC_May20.pdf (1.05 MB)
application/pdfGovts Response to PR1_May20.pdf (384.35 KB)
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