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September Wildlife Talks in Clara Bog Visitor Centre

Published: 2nd September 2013

During September the Clara Bog Visitor Centre is hosting a series of wildlife talks each Thursday evening at 8pm in the Clara Bog Visitor Centre. The speakers have all worked on the frontline of wildlife preservation in the Midlands. There is no charge to attend the talks.

On Thursday 5th September, Kieran Buckley, NPWS Conservation Ranger will be speaking on The Grey Partridge Project in Co. Offaly: History, Conservation and Future Prospects. NPWS lands in Boora have become the last place of refuge for a bird that was noted to have an extensive range in Ireland just over 100 years ago when traditional farming methods prevailed. In 2001 a mere 21 grey partridges were recorded in Boora. They were facing extinction in Ireland. In 2010, 908 birds were recorded. This was due to the hard work and dedication of a joint effort between NPWS and The Irish Grey Partridge Conservation Trust. It will be interesting to find out how this was achieved and what the future plans are for the grey partridge in Ireland.


12th September, Emma Sheehy “The Recovery of the Pine Martin and the Decline of the Invasive Grey Squirrel in the Midlands”

The pine martin or “tree cat” is one of Ireland’s rarest wild mammals. It is a protected species and is very difficult to spot. The grey squirrel on the other hand is an introduced species since 1911 and is considered highly invasive and having a negative impact on our native red squirrel population. Drawing from her extensive research project in the Midlands, on 12th September, Emma Sheehy will try and discern what impact these two mammals may have upon each other in their respective habitats.


19th September, Brian Caffrey from Bird Watch Ireland will take us through “Recent Trends in Ireland’s Birds”. Part of the talk will include how members of the public can easily contribute to helping towards our understanding of bird patterns into the future. Brian has worked on co-ordinating the Bird Atlas 2007-2011, the most comprehensive mapping work on Irish and British birds in recent times.


26th September NPWS conservation ranger, Noel Bugler, will provide a run down of the current hunting laws and the Wildlife Acts. Topics to be covered include an outline of open seasons order, use of electronic calls and decoys, traps, snares, lamping etc…

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