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The Irish Food Writers’ Guild’s Drink Award for Richmount Cordial Co.

Published: 5th March 2015

The Irish Food Writers’ Guild’s Drink Award goes to David and Martina Burns for Richmount Elderflower Cordial, a traditional, non-alcoholic product that is new to the Irish market.

It is a high-quality product that can be enjoyed in the same way as wine and is a welcome import substitute.

While the Burns’ background is originally in dairy farming at their farm in Co Longford, they changed from dairy to growing and marketing their award-winning sweetcorn. Wishing to expand into other products, the Burns decided to test Martina’s delicious elderflower cordial on the market. The product is made from pure, natural ingredients without any concentrate or artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings, sulphites or other additives. Martina produced 2,500 bottles in the first year, which sold out in 10 weeks. To supplement the wild elderflowers that grew prolifically in the hedgerows, the Burns planted a large orchard of native elder saplings; last year 11,000 bottles flew off the shelves.

With the aim of producing enough to sell their cordial all year round, 2014 was devoted to planning a new bottling plant to increase production, and experimenting with ingredients with a view to expanding the range of native flower and berry cordials. www.richmountcordials.ie

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