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Engenuity Cluster

The Midlands Engineering Network, Engenuity, was established in 2017 as an exchange forum where members can build links, share experiences and undertake joint commercial activity. The cluster is based on the knowledge that Engineering firms thrive when they work to support each other. The cluster focuses on bringing solutions to industry challenges for engineering firms in the Midlands using peer learning and leveraging existing Government supports.

Why Midlands for Engineering?

Its central location is advantageous to business, education and social travel – typically within an hour journey time to or from Ireland’s neighbouring regions and major cities, ports and airports. Within its own region, it has an educated workforce, which is easily supplemented from labour pools in neighbour areas and cities within a short commute.

The region has a strong base of existing Engineering enterprises, each embracing new technologies in the move toward automation, digitalisation and sustainability. Award-winning businesses include Grant Engineering and Midland Steel.

Midlands Engineering firms are embracing new technologies and digitalisation in collaboration with regional skills and training supports.

industrial portrait of male and female construction engineers

Athlone, as the designated growth centre, and the principal towns of Longford, Mullingar, Tullamore and Portlaoise, together with local communities can work together to build a region-wide collaborative business environment.

young engineer working in the factory

The region is home to an existing strong engineering base in steel and fabrication, with an increased focus on technology.

The combined presence in the region of the Technological University of the Shannon – Midlands Midwest and of Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) in Mullingar, a state agency supported national research centre with a specific focus on advanced and sustainable manufacturing. The Midlands Regional Skills Forum works with Engineering businesses on skills, including a Welding Apprenticeship programme in collaboration with Industry.

manufacturing equipment in factory

Industry Cluster

manufacturing equipment in factory

Industry Cluster

Industry Cluster

Engenuity is the Midlands Engineering cluster, designed to build connections and share engineering ideas throughout the region. The Engenuity Engineering Network has been set up to promote market-led innovation, stakeholder collaboration, best practices and product / trade development among the Midlands Engineering Cluster.

Locating in the Midlands

The Midlands region is centrally located in the heart of Ireland, and is Ireland’s most connected region, bordering 5 of the 7 other regions in the country. The central location is serviced by a network of Motorways and Rail lines, meaning access to airports, coastal cities and ports are typically within an hour of the key regional urban centres.

Learn more about our region and key towns in our profiles below.

Supports in the Midlands


Local Enterprise Offices

The Local Enterprise Offices are your local first-stop shop for seeking information and support on starting or growing a business in the Midlands. 


Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland work in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets. 


IDA Ireland

As Ireland’s inward investment promotion agency, IDA Ireland are a non-commercial, semi-state body promoting foreign direct investment into Ireland.

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