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Dead Centre Brewing Athlone Turns 5!

“If I had chosen to put Dead Centre Brewing in an industrial estate, I wouldn’t still be in business, because the Shannon, the bar and the restaurant, are the stars of the show here!” (Liam Tutty owner)

Liam Tutty loves his job. Running a bar, a restaurant, and a brewery is not a simple job in these times, but he makes it look effortless as he shows me around his trendy establishment. ‘Dead Centre Brewing’ is nestled in the lively heart of Athlone, overlooking the Shannon. In addition to its craft beer, it is well-known for its delicious food and live music. The inviting entrance space has an array of leather seats and welcoming couches before you get to the restaurant and brewery. The attention to detail and creative use of space make you want to sit and absorb it all day.

Dead Centre Craft Beer

It is not your typical brewery, as the brewery itself sits behind a glass wall, where today they are kegging red ale. Although on public view, the brewery is not an overwhelming part of the premises. With tours taking place at weekends, they brew on site during the week. Today, the first two tanks are full of Pale Ale called ‘Seeking Sunshine’. This is one of their most popular lagers. Nine of the taps on the bar are their own, he says “every beer on the bar is Irish, most are our own, but we have some special guest taps too. In the two smaller tanks we try ‘weird and wonderful’ recipes. We are always trying different things and pushing the boat out.”

“I took up homebrewing as a hobby!”

In 2007, Liam spent a year in Australia, where he says “the beer culture is local and crafty. This is where I got a taste for IPAs and Pale Ales”. When he returned home, he began to brew his own and win accolades for it; “Westmeath at the time was the only county in Ireland without a brewery, so I began to have ‘notions’, and put the wheels in motion after finishing at iRadio.” Liam managed the Creative Section in iRadio and from there he worked in Digital at Rye River Brewing, Kildare. This is where he learned everything about the beer business.

Dead Centre Brewing was established in 2018 and in 2019 they opened the doors on the banks of the river Shannon in Athlone. After just receiving their licence to brew in 2020, Covid hit a few months later. It was during this time when they produced a Radler (German-style beer comprising 50% lemonade and 50% ale).

The Irish Craft Soda Co.

“It all happened when we were making the beer for Aldi and we started a lemonade product as well. We had all this empty tank space during covid, and thought, let’s put something into it. It is actually going really well, we sell three times more packaged lemonade than we do packaged beer.”

The Irish Craft Soda Co. is the sister soft drinks operation. Using no artificial flavours, or sulphites, sweeteners or colours, they use all natural ingredients. The Irish Craft Soda Co.’s new small-batch of handmade Lemonade is available to purchase in select SuperValu stores across the country.

On the decks

Live music nights

“Its pretty eclectic. We do all sorts of music and Vinyl nights”.

According to Liam, people are now really enjoying the food experience, “people are coming out earlier, drinking less and looking for an evening out with good food. With the former head chef from Thyme, (nearby Michelin Star Restaurant), joining the team, Liam believes “we certainly have more eaters than drinkers. Our approach has always been a drink less, drink better policy.”

Summertime at Dead Centre is special, where “sixty two people fit on the decks when seated outside. It increases not only the size of the place, but the whole experience, as people are attracted to the buzz when they see it from the bridge across the Shannon”. He believes the sun is their biggest selling point because the “awning comes out when the sun does and so do the people.” A local collective of DJs called ‘Dead Beats’ come in on the first Friday of every month, “they play just vinyl, with an eclectic mix of funk, soul, or even new age disco”. During Octoberfest, a sixteen-piece brass band play there. From famous comedians to singer-songwriters and bands to DJs, it has become a recognised music venue in Athlone and Liam maintains that “it keeps people interested because, we’re not doing the same old same old.”

Make sure to stop by for a night out, a meal, a craft beer, a brewing tour, or even just a coffee.

They are located at Custume Pier Apartments, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, N37 N1F2.

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