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Google Developer Group to launch in Portlaoise

GDG Portlaoise launching on 21 February. A Hub for Tech Enthusiasts to Connect, Learn, and Innovate

Portlaoise is set to become the newest addition to the global Google Developer Groups (GDG) network with the launch of the GDG Portlaoise. The official launch event is being hosted by sponsors FRS Recruitment at The Cube – Low Carbon Centre of Excellence, 18 Church St., Portlaoise on Wednesday 21st February at 6pm, with all those in tech in the region encouraged to attend.

Google Developer Groups (GDG) are known worldwide as vibrant communities where tech professionals and enthusiasts gather to learn, collaborate, and explore the latest developments in tech. Originally established as the Portlaoise Tech Meetup in 2023 by local developer Jordan Harrison, the group has now evolved into a recognised chapter of the GDG Network. Yehor Herasymchuk has recently been brought on board as a co-organiser.

Bringing tech enthusiasts together, in a network spanning 145 countries

GDG Portlaoise aims to be the premier destination for tech enthusiasts across the Midlands to come together, share ideas, and advance their skills in the dynamic world of technology. With over 1,000 GDG communities worldwide spanning 145+ countries, GDG Portlaoise joins this global movement to empower developers and tech professionals. The group is the second GDG to launch in the Midlands, with GDG Athlone successfully operating in Athlone town since 2018.

“Our primary goal is to establish a dynamic, friendly space where tech enthusiasts across the region can network, engage in meaningful discussions, and learn from industry experts,” said Jordan Harrison, founder of GDG Portlaoise. “Our community embraces professionals from all areas of tech, recognising our shared passion and drive.”

Committed to fostering collaboration, learning and support

GDG Portlaoise is committed to organising a diverse range of events, including technical workshops, engaging talks by industry leaders, and panel discussions tailored to cater to a wide spectrum of interests within the tech world. The chapter also plans to collaborate with local and global tech experts to provide invaluable insights into the latest industry trends and practices.

In addition to technical skill development, GDG Portlaoise prioritises soft skills such as project management and effective communication in tech environments, aiming to foster well-rounded professionals equipped for the challenges of the modern tech landscape.

“Our online presence is key to keeping our community connected and informed,” added Jordan. “Through our website, social media platforms, and Discord channel, we plan to share valuable resources and provide an informal space for our community to converse on an ongoing basis outside of chapter meetups.”

Building a Portlaoise Tech Community

Partnerships form the backbone of any thriving community. GDG Portlaoise is actively seeking collaborations with educational institutions, local businesses, and other tech groups to enrich the community with diverse perspectives and resources. “We are delighted to welcome FRS Recruitment as sponsors of our launch. We’ve had support also from partners across the region, including the Midlands ICT Cluster, Laois Local Enterprise Office and, and we’re continually seeking to make new connections throughout the region”, added Jordan.

GDG Portlaoise is dedicated to inclusivity and accessibility, creating an environment that is welcoming to all, regardless of background, skill level, or physical abilities. The chapter’s events and resources reflect this commitment, ensuring a safe and supportive space for everyone.

As GDG Portlaoise embarks on this exciting journey, tech enthusiasts from across the Midlands are invited to join the community, and to attend the official launch event. Together, we can build a community that fosters learning, innovation, and collaboration in the tech world.

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