stream BIRR

stream BIRR is designed and fitted out as a dedicated professional office space in Birr, Co. Offaly. We provide a hub specifically for researchers and businesses that utilise Big Data.

It is a multi-functional space providing High Speed Broadband, Hot-desk facilities, dedicated desks, office suites, business training, mentoring and facilities for people to develop ideas and business.

We understand the needs of small businesses and social enterprises. We know that they need affordable, flexible space with some social interaction and the potential to work with other tenants.

A flexible alternative to traditional office rental, it means you can grab a desk in Birr whenever suits you, without having to pay eye-watering monthly rents – perfect for small businesses, start-ups and freelancers looking for professional workspace.

stream BIRR was delivered with the assistance of funding from Enterprise Ireland Regional Development Fund. This project leverages the potential of the I-LOFAR radio telescope in Birr to deliver regional STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Arts and Maths) potential.

It provides unique opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration between those involved in research and business sectors associated with Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Maths – everything from Astronomy to Animation, Fintech to Film, Robotics to Research, and Manufacturing to Machine Learning.


  • 9 Fixed Desks
  • 9 Hot Desks
  • 5 Own-Door offices
  • 1 Boardroom
  • 1 Meeting room
  • 2 -Shared Canteen Facilities
  • 100MB Broadband


  • Hot Desks – €12.30 per day, €61.50 per week, €209.10 per month.
  • Fixed Desk – €209.10 per month, €61.50 per week
  • Own-Door Office – €676.50 per month – 1-3 berth offices, furnished, air-con

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