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Midlands towns score highly in Work Life Balance Index 2024

Towns across the Midlands have performed strongly in the Work Life Balance Index for 2024. The annual index researches Ireland’s towns for local services, hybrid working, family life and leisure to find the best places to live and work.

The Work-Life Balance Index includes:

  • broadband speeds and 5G mobile coverage
  • sports facilities and leisure centres nearby
  • cafes and coffee shops nearby
  • major supermarkets nearby
  • green spaces such as national and public parks and gardens
  • primary schools and GP surgeries
  • proximity to major roads and bus stops

The Midlands Winners

The best performing town in the region is Longford, taking a 3rd place finish in the overall national rankings. Longford scored highly thanks to offering more affordable housing, with good access to schools, supermarkets, local services and leisure facilities. With excellent 5G and full-fibre connectivity, it was deemed an ideal place to live and work on a budget.

Athlone was another Midlands town to enter the Top 10, with a 9th place finish. Set in the heart of Ireland, alongside Lough Ree and astride the River Shannon, Athlone was deemed to have all the facilities needed to achieve the right work-life balance from shopping centres to a regional fitness complex and leisure centre serving the town.

The overall rankings in the Index are also supplemented by various categories, within the categories Longford ranked 1st nationally for Affordability, and 2nd for Families. Athlone was ranked 3rd nationally for Shopping and Eating. Mullingar was ranked 3rd nationally for Hybrid Working.

A good work-life balance is essential for maintaining a healthy and happy life.

Finding the right balance between professional and personal life is the goal, so reducing long commutes and school runs or high housing costs and boosting time spent outdoors, going to the gym or having a chat over lunch can improve quality of life.

For those who are remote or hybrid working, it’s important to have fast, reliable broadband and mobile coverage, somewhere to take a break, keep fit or pop to shops; but also good transport links for commuting.

For those with a family, it’s about being close to health services, schools and supermarkets and feeling safe in your neighbourhood.

For more, read the full Work Life Balance Index 2024


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