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The Midlands has a younger population than the national average in Ireland, and is well-served by schools at both primary and secondary level, right across the 4 counties of the region.

Primary Schools

With 252 Primary Schools in the region, there are options to cater for all education types. From smaller country schools, to larger Educate Together and Gaelscoileanna in the main urban centres.

Secondary Schools

The region has 44 Secondary Schools, again with a good spread of education styles, as well as co-educational, boys schools and girls schools.


A number of Irish language schools are located throughout the region, at both primary and secondary level.

Educate Together

Educate together primary schools are located in the main urban centres, and offer multi-denominational and ethical approaches to learning.

VEX Robotics Programme

The Midlands is shaping the region’s smart future with primary and secondary school children through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) using VEX IQ Robotics. The VEX Robitics programme is running across many regional schools after a successful roll-out in Co. Offaly, and teaches children from ages 6 upwards skills in coding and more.

Midlands Science

Midlands Science is a not for profit company which works to create greater interest in STEM education and skills among students, teachers and members of the public in the Midlands. A focus on STEM is key for the region’s development, with the team reaching over 16,000 young people directly each year.


For children below school age, the Midlands has 342 childcare facilities located throughout the region.

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