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Zinkworks and Samsung Collaborate to Showcase rApp Innovations at Mobile World Congress 2024

Athlone-based software services developer, Zinkworks, have announced an exciting collaboration with Samsung to showcase their revolutionary rApps at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona. The event brings together the mobile technology ecosystem at the largest and most influential connectivity event in the world. Held at the Fira Grand Via in Barcelona, it will see Samsung demonstrating Zinkworks’ cutting-edge rApps at Booth 2M20 located in Hall 2.

Ji-Yun Seol, Vice President and Head of Product Strategy, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics: “The RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) is a newly developed open network control framework that offers significant benefits for intelligent network automation. We look forward to seeing partners of the growing RIC ecosystem develop various rApps use cases such as Zinkwork’s traffic and QoS prediction.”

Advancing Network Efficiency with Intelligent Prediction

Zinkworks rApps empower network operators to achieve greater operational efficiency and enhanced performance. Whether deployed as a rApp on the RIC or integrated directly via platform REST APIs, Zinkworks’ automated prediction models contribute to lower costs, increased network efficiency, and achieving sustainability goals through reduced resource and energy wastage.

Paul Madden, CEO of Zinkworks, said: “We look forward to being back at Mobile World Congress this year and collaborating with Samsung, who will be demonstrating the future of network prediction with Zinkworks rApps, as part of their Samsung SMO rApp Ecosystem.”

The two applications that will be showcased are:

Zinkworks Network Traffic Prediction (NTP):
NTP provides adaptive tools for predicting network traffic. Integrating this prediction model into the network control plane makes networks more proactive and resilient.

Zinkworks Quality of Service Prediction (QoS-P):
QoS Prediction (QoS-P) enhances the 5G network by predicting KPIs and providing QoS scores. These forecasts improve network performance by enabling proactive resource allocation and dynamic network slicing.

If you are attending MWC 2024, visit Samsungs Booth 2M20, Hall 2 at the Fira Grand Via, Barcelona, to explore the latest innovations in rApps, and book a meeting with the Zinkworks team to learn more.

ICT in the Midlands

Zinkworks is a global leader in innovation, headquartered in Athlone, with three office locations worldwide. They utilise the latest cutting-edge technologies to bring industry-leading expertise to their Telecommunication and Financial services clients, developing custom innovations that streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency.

The Midlands region is home to a thriving ICT sector, supporting over 3,000 jobs across the region. The Midlands continues to attract ICT businesses due to central location and a strong talent pool of ICT graduates, with the sector now prioritised as an area of smart specialisation for the region. Large employers such as Ericsson in Athlone have been joined by a rapidly expanding network of start-ups, bringing innovation across the ICT sector, with particular regional specialist skills in software, cloud and 5G development. For more, visit the Midlands ICT Cluster


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